Jesus was born 2,000 years ago. He was born into a humble family and a humble village in ancient Israel, to a teenage mother who was a virgin. Jesus lived a relatively normal life as a carpenter until he reached the age of 30, when He began his public ministry. During the next three years, Jesus performed miracles, preached messages and proclaimed He was God by fulfilling everything the Old Testament prophesied, by His own words word and by His own works. As promised by the Old Testament Scriptures, Jesus was crucified on a Roman cross to save humanity from sin, Satan and death. On the third day, Jesus rose from death and appeared to hundreds of people before ascending into the clouds to join His heavenly Father. The purpose of Jesus’ life was to reveal the nature, character and personality of God, to show His reign as King of Kings and to reconcile men and women to Himself. In reconciling us to God the Father, Jesus lived and died as a sacrificial substitute, living perfectly in the place of all sinners, and dying gruesomely in the place of the guilty (all humankind). Jesus’ life, death and resurrection provided proof He is the Savior of the world, the only way for sinners to be saved from the righteous wrath of God. Jesus accomplished His mission through His death, atoning for our sin, and through His resurrection, rising in victory over Satan, sin and our deaths. The First Step for you is to accept what Jesus has done for you. If you want to know God personally through Christ you can have peace with God today.
If you made peace with God or have questions please let us know!

Christian baptism is the immersion of a believer in water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It is an act of obedience symbolizing the believer’s faith in a crucified, buried, and risen Savior, the believer’s death to sin, the burial of the old life, and the resurrection to walk in newness of life in Christ Jesus. It is a testimony of faith in the final resurrection of the dead. Since babies and small children are unable to comprehend sin, repentance and other doctrines required for salvation, First Baptist does not participate in infant baptism. We would love to discuss baptism with you, if you have questions or would like to be baptized please contact us to schedule.

The entire Bible points people to live in faith with other believers. The church is where this is done. Making this commitment is paramount in your growth in your new faith. First Baptist asks all new Christians to attend a class called Membership Matters. Membership Matters is held on different dates throughout the year and lasts one and half hours. You are only required to attend one Membership Matters gathering. We will cover church history, bible basics like the person and work of Jesus, baptism, The Lord’s Supper, what it means to commit to a church, generosity, and the vision and mission of First Baptist.  TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP WITH FIRST BAPTIST
Your first step with First Baptist is to attend one of our Sunday morning worship services. The 9:00am service at the Lakefront Campus is is more casual. The music is typically updated hymns and music you might hear on Contemporary Christian radio. The pastors will be wearing jeans as will most of the people attending the service. The 11:00am service at the Miami Avenue Campus (Venice Island) is traditional service with hymns, piano, organ, robed choir and an occasional orchestra. The pastors on the platform will likely be wearing a coat and tie and most people will be dressed similarly.  If you would like to see our services you can view them on demand on our website. You can watch our services live by “Liking” our Facebook page. Once You choose your service we want to encourage you to take a next step and find a Connection Group.

First Baptist knows most people find a church home by attending a worship service. However, we know people find a church family through regularly attending a Bible study with other people. We call our Sunday morning Bible studies Connection Groups because there you will prayerfully connect to God, His word and His people. Whether you have become a Jesus follower or not, we encourage you to immediately get involved in a weekly study of the Bible with others. Every group expects new people weekly and the leaders will never call on you to speak without getting your permission first. Currently, we have Sunday Connection Groups meeting at 8am, 9am and 10:30am. If you would like to attend a group you can choose one here!

Every Christian is given a spiritual gift[s] when they become a believer in Christ. These gifts are to be used in developing the church. If you would like to find out your spiritual gift, you can assisted to do so here! The spiritual gifts assessment will take approximately 15 minutes. First Baptist has many opportunities for you to use your gifts to serve both inside and outside the church. You can join our volunteer team today, or get involved with our outside mission opportunities.



Attend a worship gathering regularly.

Spend time daily in the Bible. Buy a notebook or purchase a journaling app. We recommend Day One. Read your bible and write down what the author is saying to the original reader and then what He is saying to you. If you have questions about what you are reading you can read a brief explanation. The Bible Knowledge Commentary is reliable and affordable. Remember, the quantity of what you read is less important than the quality. Read half of chapter or even a paragraph a day. Consistency is key.

Talking with God is the power you need to succeed in your faith. There is no substitute for prayer. We use the acrostic PRAY to teach prayer. P-Begin your prayer time by Praising God for who He is and what He has done. Thank Him for all you have, and all He has given to you and your loved ones. Thank Him for His holiness, power, majesty and mercy. R-Next, repent of your sins. Ask God to wash you of your sin and to bring to your mind hidden sins of motives, thoughts, and careless words or actions. A-Ask God to meet the needs of others. Health, financial, relational and emotional needs can be brought to the Lord. Then ask God for what you need. Putting others first is modeling the life of Jesus. Remember, you can bring anything to the Father. Y-Finally, and often the most difficult part of praying is to yield to what God has revealed to you. This may be to forgive people who have hurt you deeply, confronting others who are living in sin, apologizing to people you have hurt, a special directive to give away your belongings or a monetary gift, or any number of things God has directed you to do as your prayed. Many people will continue their prayer time with a worship song they have downloaded. Finally, and very importantly, sitting in silence to listen for God to speak is very important. The book How To Listen To God may be valuable to you. Also, as you pray you should keep a list of the requests you have made to God so that you can celebrate when He answers your prayers. We encourage you to download Prayer Notes or a similar app. A paper notebook does just as well.

You have been granted the greatest gift that could be given. This gift should be shared. Often, Christians do not know how to make the transition from regular life to a gospel presentation. We recommend you just be yourself and allow God to work Jesus into your conversations. If you would like assistance in breaking the ice we recommend Share Your Faith, Sharing Your Faith 101, and Living Waters. You can always invite people to First Baptist and we promise to give everyone, every Sunday an opportunity to receive Jesus Christ and become a Christ follower. Pray for people by name and watch how God will work in their lives, it is truly amazing. We believe prayer works!