The Lakefront Legacy

The Lakefront Legacy
Ten years ago our church family embarked on a mission with three God-sized goals in mind. First, we knew God wanted us to purchase property on the corner of Jacaranda and I-75. Through your faithfulness we were successful. The second goal was to renovate our Miami Avenue Location. We renovated our children’s area, worship center, Large Fellowship Hall, and created a more than welcoming appearance on the outside of our church facility.

Phase Three is the most ambitious phase yet. Phase Three is the completion of the vision. A fully-functioning second campus at our Lakefront Location. Driving onto the campus you will notice plush green landscaping, a beautifully maintained lake and activity fields where children and adults alike can join in a game of softball. During the fall months you can take a stroll on the campus or maybe catch an outdoor movie with your family. Most importantly on Sunday mornings we will have an additional location for people to come and worship. In human terms none of this is possible, but with Christ all things are possible. We have a living God that answers prayers and performs miracles. Join us on the journey to see the dream He placed in our hearts fulfilled in front of our very eyes!

The Latest: on Sunday, January 31, 2021, the membership of FBCV voted overwhelmingly to move ahead with the design and construction of the new facility at our Lakefront property (up to $2,700,000). With that decision made, our Planning Team will be moving ahead as rapidly as possible.

Our new multi-purpose facility will be constructed in three phases, to be built as finances permit.
Phase 1 centers on the multi-purpose room. Designed to accommodate a full-sized basketball court, this will also be a great space for worship, seminars, dinners, and just about anything else we can imagine.
Phase 1 will include bathrooms, a kitchen and an office/meeting room. Phase 1, of necessity, will include site development (things like utilities, parking lots and landscaping). Anticipated cost for Phase 1 is $2,700,000.
Phase 2 is all about gathering space. In this Phase we will enclose what was previously the patio area, turning it into a wonderful, highly flexible space.
With a café, seating clusters, and lots of room for fellowship, this will be a well-used room.
Phase 3 adds classroom and meeting spaces. As our congregation grows, we’ll need more and more space for kids, youth, and adult small groups. These rooms will be as flexible in design and décor as possible.

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