Married Adult Ministries

The Married Adults ministry is filled with men and women who are walking through life and trying to find that right balance, as well as celebrate the milestones of life that you find yourself experiencing. The married adult ministry encompasses adults who are seeking to balance spiritual, physical, emotional and social aspects of their life. By gathering in small groups to study God’s word, adults will learn that their peers are seeking to find balance in life just as they are. There are so many issues that today’s adults have to navigate and doing that alongside others is easier.

Each class has distinct characteristics and a personality of its own, but all are serious about building a relationship with God, the body of Christ, serving others and having fun.

As well as our Connection classes for married adults, we offer local, national and international mission trips so you can engage your calling as a disciple of Christ taking His message to the world. Throughout the year married couples gather for great fellowships and intentional opportunities for getting to know one another as friends and as the family of God.